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Helping the local community

Alvin’s Auto and Free Montgomery
Oakland, CA
By: Giuliana Carranza

Giuliana4Free Montgomery, an organization supporting the homeless through providing situations for creative expression, ran a food and clothing drive from November 12th through December 18th that hosted two recycled cars and two recycled hoods to be spray-painted by those who donated. Alvin Collier from Alvin’s Automotive Recycling in Oakland, California provided these two cars and two hoods. Collier is very passionate about automotive recycling and was excited to be able to give new purpose to these cars and car parts. Collier speaks on the event, “We were able to let them borrow the cars so they could paint them and then we took the cars back.” Upon asking him what they did with the cars after this event he replied, “We recycled them of course!” The drive was all about community involvement and had an air of encouragement and support.
Collier is very supportive of his community and does what he can to give back. “I like helping my local community in any way I can. When Free Montgomery approached me with this idea, I jumped at the chance to further the auto recycling industry and branch out into supporting the arts as well.” And that he did. Collier also supports the local artists by giving them pieces of his scrap metal for sculptures. He explains, “It may just be scrap metal to me, which has a monetary value. However, to the artists it might be just that piece that they have been dreaming about for a work of art of theirs. I let the guys look through my bin and see them get really excited.” Collier here demonstrates the versatility of these car parts and pieces of metal that many believe to be useless and broken. This event not only helped those in need, but it also furthered the automotive recycling industry and displayed the endless possibilities these car parts have.

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